Sunday, March 06, 2011

Iron sharpening iron

Back at the end of November I mentioned that I planned to start a study group to work through the "The Truth Project" material.  Well back at the beginning of February it came to fruition. 

And so each Wednesday evening from 8:30-10:30 I am joined by 5 other young married men, who gather around my dinning room table to study the Christian worldview in detail.

So far we are about half way through the study and in that time we have looked at the following in detail:

- what is truth?
- what is our foundation for philosophy and ethics
- who is man and what is his need?
- who is God and how has he revealed himself?
- what is the evidence for God in creation

Heavy stuff, but I am so encouraged by the fact that everyone is genuinely engaged by the material.  Engaged I believe, because in their heart of hearts they understand the importance of these questions.  And specifically they know that what they believe the answers to be really does end up giving direction to their lives.

Take truth.  Do I believe that each person has to discover their personal truth?  Or do I believe in universal truths that apply regardless of time and place?

Take philosophy.  Do I believe that the universal truths (meaning, purpose, morality, destiny) can be discovered by examining the particulars of this world through scientific reasoning?  Or do I believe that the universal truths have been revealed by a benevolent creator and that they provide significance to the particulars of the created world.

Take ethics.  Do I believe there is an objective moral standard that I am to adhere to?  Or are things wrong because the majority of people have said that it is wrong?

Take man.  Do I believe that I am basically good?  Or do I recognize that I am naturally inclined towards evil?

Take God.  Do I believe that God is?  If so do I believe that God has revealed himself?  If so do I believe that God cares about my situation?  If so do I believe that God has done something about it?

Take creation.  Do I believe that I am but the end result of a purposeless evolutionary process?  Or do I believe that I am the result of an intelligent designer who has a purpose for my life?

I know what I believe, and furthermore; I believe that what I believe is really real.