Monday, October 04, 2010

Living in Neverland

When I observe my generation, I can't help but feel frustrated.  When did it become a social norm for men and women to never grow up?

I guess now is the time for me to showcase my "old-fashioned" values. 

There was a season in my life when it was acceptable for me to demonstrate a lack of maturity.  This was called childhood.

Today I am in a season of my life when I should be expected to demonstrate a certain level of maturity and autonomy.  This is called adulthood.

Furthermore, I am also in a season of my life when I am expected to demonstrate a certain  level of responsibility and selflessness.  This is called parenthood.

I can almost hear the voice of some begin to complain that societal expectations are to be  overturned and tossed into the trash bin of history.

I beg to differ.  Especially when I see what they would replace it with.

Instead of maturity, my generation feels that living for today is the pinnacle of human experience.

Instead of responsibility, my generation feels that living free of obligations is liberating.

And instead of selflessness, my generation feels that the only purpose in this life is to live for themselves.

But can I share a truth with you?

Understanding my place within the light of eternity is the source of my happiness.

Living within the confines of responsibility is the source of my liberation.

Sacrificing my needs for the needs of others is the source of my purpose.

These truths transcend time and space.  They have not changed, for the human condition has not  changed.  By running away from them we will only find discontentment and sorrow.  By embracing them we will find contentment and happiness.

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