Saturday, September 25, 2010


God takes responsibility for my actions?  What did I mean by that?

First of all as I have said before my nature is bent towards evil and I am hopeless to change.

All is not lost however because as the hymn writer so aptly put it, “Christ has regarded my helpless estate and shed his own blood for my soul.”

It is through the death of Jesus that I am given a new nature.  I am transformed, regenerated, reborn.

This is the message of hope and redemption that Jesus brought to me so many years ago.  I was five, when I first believed.  And this hope and redemption, Jesus brings to all who believe.

But what actually happened when I believed.  The bible says that my spirit was made alive and my evil nature was crucified with Jesus.  The righteousness of Jesus was given to me, and my evil deeds were placed on him.

What an incredible exchange.  So now in addition to being adopted into God’s family, I have also been justified in God’s eyes.  It is just as if I had never done any wrong thing.

So God then has taken the responsibility to account for my actions, when I was unable.

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