Sunday, September 19, 2010

So what, revisited

In a previous post, I discussed the hypocrisy of living a private life of faith.  Today the message I received under the teaching of my pastor, complimented this idea.  The text under discussion was from Paul’s letter to the Roman church.  In chapter 12 verse 2, Paul writes,

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind … Romans 12:2.

Conformity.  Specifically conformity to the standards and principles of popular culture is something that I daily struggle with. 

Does my life reflect the fact that the spirit of God lives inside of me?  Sure when I am among fellow believers it is easy to walk the talk.  But then when I am among unbelievers so often I find myself at a standstill, sitting in silence, not willing to speak the words of life that so many need to hear.

I could go on deluding myself that my good “moral” life is somehow going to win others to the Christian faith.  I could, but frankly right now I am tired of lying to myself.  No one has ever come to faith by observing my “godly” character and if I am honest with myself I know that no one ever will.

The truth is that I am almost 35 years old and during my time on earth, I have only been directly instrumental in leading one person to faith in Jesus.   One person.  Only one.

Was it my character?  Was it my moral behaviour that drew them.  Hardly, it was simply the fact that I opened my mouth and told them about Jesus.  God had prepared their heart to received the truth of the gospel, but I had to open my mouth and present it to them.

When did this happen?  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that  this happened during the time of my life in grade 13 when I was seeking the Lord in prayer each and every day. 

I want to experience that again.  That is why I am committing myself to daily prayer and bible study.  I want to be ready when the time comes once again to open my mouth.

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