Monday, November 01, 2010

The Favour of God

As a young child if there was one person that I desperately wanted to please it was my father.  Even today knowing that I have my father's favour gives me a high level of self-confidence that I otherwise wouldn't have.

When it comes to my heavenly Father, I won't deny that the same need exists within me.  I desperately need my heavenly Father to be pleased with me.

So what must I do to earn the favour of God?

Notice I didn't say love, I said favour.  Again just like my earthly father there is absolutely nothing I can do to earn the love of my heavenly Father.  It is unconditional and freely given.  How amazing is that!  Independent of my love towards Him, God loves me with a never ending love.

Now back to the question at hand.  How do I gain the favour of God?  What do I need to do to have God take pleasure in me?

It really is quite simple in principle, though as with most things in life, easier said than done.  I have my heavenly Father's favour when I live in obedience to his Word.  Consequently I loose his favour when I live in disobedience.

Let me diagram it for you as far as I understand it.

Favour from God is a result of obedience to God's Word, which is a result of faith in God's Word, which is a result of hearing God's Word

So through hearing God’s Word I came to faith in Jesus.

Now by obeying God’s Word I can receive God's favour on my life.

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