Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My daughter reminded me this past Sunday of an important principle.

She was sitting on my lap and I simply said “I love you”.  Having been through this routine countless times before I anticipated a simple “I love you too Dad” in response with perhaps “with all my heart”, tacked on the end for good measure.

She surprised me though when she said, “Dad, I delight in you”.

Wow, did  my heart ever fill with love towards her when I heard those words.  It was incredibly moving to hear that my daughter delights in me. 

I imagine that this is exactly what my heavenly father wants to hear from me every day.  I tell God that I love him time and again, and honestly sometimes it seems that it is simply a rote exercise lacking much emotion.  How often do I truly delight in my God and how often to I tell him.

Not often enough.

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