Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Why is it that I can go to bed with my mind fixed on things of God, yet I wake up with no desire to get out of bed and meet with Him?

I ask the question realizing that my daily disciplines are sorely lacking in consistency. I can go days at a stretch without desiring alone time with God. This is not good, nor is it right.

One day, I will regularly pray and read the Word simply through a desire to do so.

I make that declaration because I know from my own past that close communion with the Lord is something that can be attained, though not without cost.

It is not that I feel far from the Lord for I don't. I don't feel far from my earthly father either, we enjoy a great relationship.

The truth is though that He isn't just my Father. As a member of the universal church I am the Bride of Christ and Jesus wants to be closer to me than my wife.

I can easily identify with the truth that God is my benevalent Father. What I have a problem identifying with is the truth that Christ is the benevalent Lover of my soul.

Why don't I desire him as I should?

The issue isn't with Him. It is with me.

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