Friday, August 13, 2010


June 27 1986 is a day that I won't forget. Why? Because on that date I received my first one year bible.

The reading that day was about Joash the child king of Israel. The date is fixed in my mind, but it can also be easily verified because in the one year bible, each passage is assigned to a different day of the year.

That day my dad had surprised my brother and I by getting us matching one year bibles; it was the living bible version, green cover, with a picture of a sundial on the front. I was reminded of this again, because I have gone back to using a one year bible in order to bring consistancy to my bible reading.

All of that to say, the mind is an amazing thing. My mind in particular seems to easily remember seemingly unimportant events and dates, while at the same time forget what I needed to get at the grocery store.

In May of 1985 I travelled with my mom to England to visit my grandparents. When we entered their apartment building immediately I commented to my mom that the colour of the handrail on the stairs had changed. It was now black but I remembered it as a pale blue colour.

I was 9 at the time and my mom could not recall one way or the other if the colour had changed. My grandparents did confirm however that I was correct. What still amazes me about this experience is that the last time I had seen the railing I was barely 2 years old.

I had a great child-hood and I have many fine memories of growing up. Prehaps that is why I am a nostalgic person. I like to revive memories from my childhood. I enjoy reliving the sights and sounds, the feelings and smells that accompanied those memories.

I recognize though that beeing too nostalgic, can have its downside. If I live in the past it will prevent me from progressing in the present. If I compare every experience to a golden standard from my past I might miss out on making new memories.

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