Monday, August 09, 2010

Forever Family Day, and my reasons for this blog

Today August 9th 2010, is packed with meaning. It was this day three years ago that my wife and I adopted our precious twin baby girls. The girls have been the source of so much joy in our lives and it is impossible to imagine life without them.

As each year goes by I am realizing that the time of childhood innocence is so fleeting. It seems like yesterday that we were packing our bags for China. This realization also has me contemplating again my role as father to them. The time that I have left to mold godly character in them is so short, and when I think about all the ways in which I fail to live up to the Christian standard I have set for myself, I know that I need to sharpen my own character

The reasons for this blog are twofold. First it is meant to be a record for my children so that they can know who their earthy father is/was. Second it is meant to be a journal of sorts through which I can pour out my thoughts and prayers. It is my intention that it will be personal in nature, since I have no interest in simply reciting the days events. As a man I find it difficult to express my feeling orally, so perhaps this blog might become a much needed outlet for me.

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Darren said...

Hey Andrew, just stumbled across your blog (saw your facebook feed). Great stuff!! I've added it to my feed reader.

(but you HAD to go with blogger? yuck hehe)