Monday, August 16, 2010


Why did I call this blog Embedded Christian?

Pretty simple really. I am an embedded systems engineer who is also a Christian.

I will start with the first part of that description. What is an embedded systems engineer?

For those that are interested an embedded system is essentially an electro-mechanical device that is designed to perform a few dedicated functions. This is in contrast to the general purpose computer you may have in your home.

Typically the software required to operate the device is contained on a computer chip inside it, and is thus called firmware (software that resides in hardware). Examples of an embedded system, would be your wrist watch, your stereo, your TV, your telephone, your cable box, your DVD player, your microwave and your car. In fact your car probably has a dozen or more embedded systems, ABS braking system, fuel injection system, traction control system, GPS, etc. etc. etc.

Me, I write firmware that controls a check processing module that sits inside an ATM. The software I write operates motors, actuates solenoids, monitors sensors and communicates with the main computer via a USB connection. Fascinating stuff if you are like me and enjoy making things work.

By rights, I can call myself an embedded systems engineer. I don't have to use the terms embedded systems designer, or developer or programmer. I have the authority based on the Professional Engineers Act of Ontario to call myself an engineer.

Now for the second part of that description. What is a Christian?

For those that are interested a Christian is someone who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. They believe that he was born of the virgin Mary. They believe that he lived a sinless life and that he was crucified. Furthermore they believe that he was resurrected on the third day, that he ascended into heaven and that he will return again. Fascinating stuff if you are like me and enjoy having fellowship with God.

By rights, based on the above confession of faith in accordance with the Word of God, I can also call myself a Christian. One who is embedded in Christ.

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