Thursday, August 26, 2010

So what

Having stated what my beliefs are, there are two questions that I should then be able to answer. 

One is “why?”  Why do I believe?  I won’t try and answer this one today.

The second is “so what?”  In other words what are the consequences of this belief?  I shall now begin to investigate this question.

Popular culture would have us believe that our religious beliefs should be private; not just in thought but also in observance.  To submit to this cultural norm however would implicate me as a hypocrite for I would be impersonating someone without belief.

Hypocrisy is rampant in popular culture and some day I will reflect on it to a greater extent; but today I just want to highlight that if my religious beliefs uphold hypocrisy as a vice (which they do),  then covering my religious beliefs in a shroud of privacy is not possible without subsequently diminishing those beliefs.

Heaven forbid!  For when I diminish my beliefs, I am diminishing the work of Christ in my life.

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